Our top priority has always been and will always be to guarantee the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients, now more than ever, maintaining our commitment to the high-quality standards that define the essence of our Hotel. For this reason, we have implemented a strict protocol of safety and hygiene measures to ensure that you can enjoy a well-deserved rest safely and without worries. Because taking care of you is our greatest satisfaction.

The main principles to ensure the safety of customers and employees are: social distancing, disinfection, reducing contact with shared elements, monitoring the health of employees, providing accurate information to employees, customers and suppliers and employee training.



– Online check-in. In order to avoid  the physical handling of documents as much as possible, we have implemented online check-in for reservations made through our websites or the Central Reservation Center. A few days before your arrival you will receive an email inviting you to check in online. All you have to do is fill in your details and those of the people staying with you.

– We will have hydroalcoholic gel at the main entrance, as well as a disinfectant mat, which both people and pets must pass through. The work station and working tools will also be disinfected after each day’s work.

– All objects and surfaces in corridors that are likely to be handled or contaminated by different persons, such as lift buttons, stairway handrails, door handles, door bells, etc., will be cleaned and disinfected at least every two hours during their respective periods of use.

– The keys will be delivered in a previously disinfected bag. The keys must be returned on the day of departure in the drop drawer at the reception bar.

– Beach towels will be handed in at reception and returned in a special box at reception. A deposit of 10 € per towel will be made and will be returned when the towels are returned.

– Disinfecting of the credit card machines after each use.

– Safety distances and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between employees will be monitored.

– Installation of protective screens.

– To avoid contact, guests will be provided with a mobile APP application to resolve any queries during their stay. This will allow internal messaging with reception as well as access to hotel information.

– In the lift, the maximum occupancy will be limited to people of the same family unit, or to 1 person.

– Access to the common areas will always require the use of a mask.



– In addition to cleaning, a complete disinfection of the room will be carried out between guests, following a documented procedure.

– Special attention will be paid to equipment with a high level of use or contact (telephone, remote control, taps, etc.).

– Coat hangers will be sanitised between guests.

– All items that have been used for the disinfection of a room shall be disposed of in a safe manner.

– The room shall be ventilated daily for at least 5 minutes.

– Trolleys and offices shall be cleaned and disinfected at each change of shift.

– Cleaning and disinfection staff shall be protected by PPE (personal protective equipment). An internal procedure is established to avoid cross-contamination of room linen.

– Cleaning and disinfection shall be carried out without the presence of clients.

– To avoid the manipulation of documents, both the room-service menu and the directory will be accessible through the Hotel’s application. Please download it to your phone via:

– Non-manually-operated bins will be provided with a bag inside.

– A welcome pack with hydroalcoholic gel and masks is included in the room, per person in each room.

– The minifridge in the room will be disinfected with viricidal products between guests.

– Checklists will be carried out to verify cleanliness.




– The buffet will be kept but shifts will be organised to avoid crowds.

– On arrival, reception will inform you of the time slots you can choose from and will ask you if you want to keep them for the rest of your stay or change them at a specific date.

– A suggested itinerary is established to avoid crowds in certain areas and to prevent contact between clients.

– Hand disinfection at the entrance is compulsory.

– Tables shall be covered by individual tablecloths that are washed after one use.

– After each cleaning, the materials used and the personal protective equipment used shall be disposed of in a safe manner.

– Signage will be displayed informing the client of the hygiene and disinfection guidelines so that they are aware of them and respect them.

– We offer an assisted buffet with a protective screen.

– Single doses of vinegar, salt, oil, sugar, etc. at your disposal.  

– A member of staff will escort guests to their table. Tables will be assigned at safe distances.

– Drinks will be served at the table.



– Hand disinfection at the entrance is compulsory.

– The tables will be covered with linen tablecloths that are changed every time they are used.

 – Cleaning and disinfection of workstations at each change of shift and disinfection of the credit card machine after each use.

– Posters shall be displayed informing guests of these hygiene and disinfection guidelines so that they are aware of them and respect them.

– A member of staff will accompany guests to their table.

– Single doses of vinegar, salt, oil, sugar, etc. at your disposal.

– Interpersonal safety distance of two metres from table to table.

– Waiters will be protected by masks when serving or accompanying guests.

– Capacity control, so that it is not exceeded at any time.

– Tables will be occupied in accordance with the health regulations in force at the time.

– Gastronomic offer accessible in digital format. Available through QR codes on the tables. In addition, the points of sale will have blackboards or lecterns to inform about the gastronomic offer.



You can order using the application you are using. All orders will be delivered under the highest security standards.



– The safety distance will be respected, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the pool and jacuzzi areas will be increased, and water disinfection products suitable for the current situation will be used.

– Individual protection measures will also be taken with the use of face masks by the staff.

– Sunbeds will be spaced apart according to the safety regulations.

– On the beach, the instructions given by the beach safety officers are to be followed.

– The Balinese sunbeds are spaced according to the safety regulations.

– They will be disinfected before and after each use.



– Hand disinfection at the entrance is compulsory.

– The Gym will remain open and its use will be limited to a maximum of 2 people. The user must disinfect the machine before use with disinfectant wipes.

– The cleaning staff will carry out the disinfection tasks on a regular basis. 



– The mini club facility will be closed this year.



– Hand disinfection at the entrance is compulsory.

– Carpet at the entrance to the Spa for shoe disinfection.

– Mandatory use of mask by the client and hydroalcoholic hand gel.

– Cleaning and disinfection of the cabins after each use.



– Availability of hydroalcoholic gel in all communal bathrooms. Limitation of use to 1 person unless assisted.

– Cleaning of communal areas 6 times a day

– Common areas may continue to be used, always respecting social distancing measures and with the use of masks.

– The computer area for client use will remain closed.