• When entering or leaving the hotel, the pet must be kept on a leash, in arms or in a transport box.
  • The maximum weight is 10 Kg.
  • The Hotel will apply a pet fee of € 8 / night for room cleaning.
  • Within the entire Hotel grounds, there is no place that allows your pet to solve his needs, so walks around the Hotel will solve this problem. The owners are responsible for collecting the waste of their animal and will be governed by the Municipal Ordinances of Castell-Platja d’Aro.
  • The owner or companion carrier of the pet will have the obligation to keep it in due hygienic-sanitary conditions. In turn, it will be responsible for its behavior and for the damages it may cause to third parties and / or to the Hotel’s furniture (it is advisable to have insurance).
  • Remember that the room will not be cleaned while your pet is indoors. When the animal is not in the room, please notify the hotel staff so they can clean it.
  • The presence of the animal is allowed in the room and in the common areas of the hotel, except in the Aguamarina restaurant and in the area immediately by the pool.
  • Please do not allow the pet to climb on the armchairs or the bed.
  • Do not bathe your pets in the showers in the room, or use our establishment’s towels to dry them.
  • All pet owners must leave a mobile phone number to be able to locate it in their absence, if the animal is alone in the room and causes inconvenience to other clients.
  • The amount of the damages caused by the pet during the stay at the hotel will be charged to your invoice; thereby assuming financial responsibility.
  • The hotel reserves the right not to admit pets that are in due hygienic-sanitary conditions, cause discomfort to other customers or behave improperly during their stay.
  • We appreciate in compliance with these standards and we hope you have a pleasant stay at our hotel.



  • A well-educated pet is a good travel companion, but even if you fully trust your pet, keep in mind that her environment is changing and the animal may react unpredictably.
  • Before entering the hotel it is advisable to walk him and let him relieve himself. Strange sites can cause “accidents”