Welcome to the Hotel Planamar

24 hour reception

Please check-in online for all occupants before arrival. If this is not possible, it will be done at the reception

Check-in hours: 4 p.m.

 Check-out hours: 12 noon. We have a closed space to store your luggage once you have left your room. We also have courtesy showers and towels are provided at the reception.

 The keys to the rooms are electronic, they are delivered upon arrival in a previously disinfected bag, you can request the necessary copies of keys. Please return the keys upon departure in the drawer provided at reception for disinfection.

Through this application you can send messages to reception . If you are already hosted, please provide us with your room number. We respond as soon as possible.

We have information about transfers, restaurants and tourist information

Contact Reception or through this application to book at our L’Aiguamarina and Magenta restaurants as well as for Room Service.


Enjoy a relaxing massage at our La Joie center. You will find the treatment chart in this application

The Miniclub facility will be closed for security

We wish you had a wonderful experience with us and enjoy the Costa Brava